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[IP] Any happy Paradigmers out there? - CDE's making pump decisions?????

I have been reading the numerous posts about people going in to their CDE
trying to decide which pump to get and the CDE's everyone is writing about
lately seem to all be pushing the MM pumps and saying not to get an Animas
pump due to the "newness" of the Animas corp.  Many of these post are saying
the the CDE's are getting "paid" by MM for the pumps they convince people to
buy.  Can this "commission" (if you call it that) really be true?  If these
CDE's are getting paid by the doctors, clinics, etc. for their actual "work"
in helping patients with their diabetes and their pumps, can they also be
getting "kickbacks" from MM?    (I suppose no different than some doctors
getting kickbacks from drug companies?)
I know life is not fair (if it was none of us would have diabetes in the first
place) but I feel for EACH and EVERY ONE of you who has a CDE that treats you
this way.  There are many CDE's out there that are totally unbiased when you
pick a pump and will show you all the kinds of pumps (or make that information
available to you) and let you pick completely on your own.  NO one should be
"pushed" into getting a certain brand of pump by their CDE, doctor, or ins.
company.  Remember - this is your life and you should be the one picking the
pump.  The CDE I had when I got my pump 2 years ago was very adamant about not
"biasing" me in anyway to any one pump.  I actually straight out asked her
many times which pump she would get if she was me, and she wouldn't make any
statement one way or the other.  She said it was to be "my" decision and she
would work with any pump that I chose.  At that time she had many patients on
the Dis and MM but none on the Animas.  I did chose the Animas due to my
sensitivity to insulin and the lower basal rates available.  She said no
problem and the Animas clinical manager came to my pump training and trained
both me and the CDE at the same time.  My CDE said she looked at it as "being
fortunate to learn something new" even thought ultimately it meant more work
for her than if I would have bought a pump she had already been trained on.
If you are not getting the kind of treatment you are paying for, keep looking!
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