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[IP] Paridigm Upgrade unwarrented stomping on minimed

Subject: [IP] Paridigm Upgrade

Julie Britt writes:
> I've suggested this earlier and now certainly seems like an appropriate
> to repeat it:  With of the troubles I've experienced, heard and read about
> regarding the MM508, it is rather clear that it has it's problems.  The
> reports are relatively consistent and virtually identical.  It should
> that the device has either a design or manufacturing deficiency.  We send
> back for repair and/or replacement, however the shortcomings continue.
> does it become obvious that these pumps are not reliable?
> ----------------------------------------------------------
I am certain if I assempled a team of mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic
engineers we could not have designed a pump as reliable and as well designed
as the Mini Med 508. Ive had mine for almost 4 years and have given it to
one of my labtechs who is in love with it. The firmware in the pump is well
designed and the pump is rugged and virtually trouble free. oh yes it does
do annoying things every so often like go thru batteries like a cat going
thru dinner. have annoying button failures and its non waterproof
construction is from hunger. My tech never wanted a pump before but after
she saw my pump and literally lived with us for the year she worked with me
she asked if she could try mine.I would not put the pump down just because
it needed to be sent back to Sylmar for repairs. spot,(i have a medical
relationship with Animas too.) I don't think the 508 is unreliable, give
minimed a break julie
A. L. Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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