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RE: [IP] Any happy Paradigmers out there?

I am currently in the process of choosing which pump I'm going to go with, and
my experience has been that both Animas and Disetronic have both been
extremely helpful in answering my questions and setting up saline trials at my
request -- like they really want to make a sale.  Minimed, on the other hand,
told me they generally don't do saline trials because there is no need to, and
Minimed is the established market leader who has been operating in the U.S.
market the longest.  That may be so, but I insist upon test driving before I
commit to spending $5000 of anyone's money, whether its paid for by insurance
or out of pocket.

I tried a Minimed 508 because my CDE is a Minimed trainer, but I have found
that Minimed has made no effort to convince me that their pumps and/or service
is better than anyone else's (only that everyone else is inferior to them),
and frankly, there are a few features about the D-Tron and the Animas pumps
that I like better.  Perhaps you'll have better luck in sampling the Minimed
pumps ... I've pretty much ruled them out because they weren't really
interested in earning my business, but every salesperson is different, so you
may bave better luck.

To make sure that the decision is mine, I submitted insurance paperwork to all
3 of the major pump companies and asked my doctor's office to hold requests
from all of the pump companies until I've made a decision, this way there
isn't an issue with insurance prep work and each company is on more or less
equal footing (luckily, all 3 are considered in-network providers for my
insurance company)  I highly recommend doing the same unless you've already
decided on a particular pump. 

Date: Tue, 21 May 2002 08:17:30 -0500
From: "Parker, B.E., Mrs" <email @ redacted>
Subject: RE: [IP] Any happy Paradigmers out there?

I've been going through the same problem, my CDE seems to be pushing the
Minimed.  I know she gets paid by the company who's pump I buy, BUT, I want to
make an informed decision, on my own.  I've asked the Animas rep and her to
set me up with a loaner for a week or so.  Then I'll try the Paradigm for a
week, and then the 508.  

My CDE seems to like the Minimed, too.  You need to contact the Animas rep
in your area personally and see if they will meet with you and show you the
pump.  If you like what they say, I would then contact my CDE and schedule a
time to meet and try out the Animas.

Nobody says you can't try them ALL out before you (and your insurance) spend

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