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Re: [IP] Any happy Paradigmers out there?

I started pumping on a Paradigm on 4/10.  Obviously I don't have a lot of 
experience and I can't compare it to other pumps, but I have been VERY happy 
with it.  Some of the problems people are talking about are probably 
legitimate, but I haven't run into them yet (like all these dying pumps), 
but some of the problems I've seen talked about are kind of bogus (or at 
least I think so), like the U100/U50 problem (if anyone ever makes that 
mistake it is going to be very few and far between, after you've changed 
your set a half dozen times, it is so ingrained that you're using whichever 
one your using, you just couldn't pick the wrong one...).

>Geez. Since finally calling my CDE with my decision to go with the 
>I'm starting to wonder if I've made a mistake. Are there any pumpers out
>there who are happy with their Paradigm?

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