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[IP] RE: insulin-pumpers-digest V6 #334

Keith wrote:
> I know it's not polite to ask which pump is best, as we all have to make
> live with our choices. But the thing is, I'm not hearing many complaints
> all about Animas, whereas pretty much all I've been hearing lately is how
> Minimed kind of sucks. Help!
> Keith G.

Hi Keith,
My husband's (Jeffrey)  CDE is a MM rep, and more than "pushed" the MM.
Three observations by Jeffrey may, if not help, be responsive to your post:
1.  Prob all 3 pumps have ups/downs. 2.  Since MM has about 80% of market,
most complaints will be MM complaints.  3. Jeffrey liked the simplicity of
Paradigm.  Thought Dtron had bells/whistles he'll never use. 

Jeffrey agreed to try out loaner pumps, before making a decision.  Don't
know if you've got option to switch, so I'll write about my impressions of 3
companies:  MM rep said 7 reps got laid off recently, so they couldn't get
back to us.  Was only given loaner from MM for 1 day (that was a fight).  It
would have been nice to try out the Paradigm through a full cartridge cycle,
since he uses about 50u/day, to get a sense of any restrictions the smaller
reservoir creates.  

Disetronic 800.915.3698 was wonderful.  A rep met w/us, gave us the 3rd ed
of Pumping Insulin, wanted us to be as informed as possible, and gave us the
loaner to try out 5 days.  Disetronic also takes the pumps back every 6
months, to test for defects.  All upgrades are (reportedly) built in to the
original purchase.  So far, the customer service reps at Disetronic and
Animas have been very professional and very responsive to questions.  An
Animus trainer is meeting w/Jeffrey this week.  I'll pass on any comments
Jeffrey has.  

(Much Thanks to Derek for his very informative posts!!) found 900+
complaints on MM from 01/01/99 through present.  Found 6 for Disetronic.
PLEASE note my search may have been flawed.  Should try your own.  Can write
to me if you'd like.  Trying to keep my post from getting out of control.

email @ redacted 
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