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Re: [IP] New Paradigm konks out!!

In a message dated 5/21/02 10:26:52 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> We got a "motor error" simply from 
> changing the battery.  Battery was out less than 30 seconds; I watched!!

    Hmmmmm....my daughter had a comparable experience...She's only had her 
Paradigm 6 weeks & three weeks ago she got a low battery alarm. She claimed 
she had the battery out about 10 seconds before inserting a brand new 
battery, & in that time she lost all her basals. She called us at 4 a.m. ( 
her normal college bedtime!) to see if WE had her basals recorded somewhere 
(fortunately we did!) She was able to re-program the pump & it's been fine 
since then.....but I'm curious to see what happens with the next imminent 
battery change.
   Aside from that, she's pleased with the absence of "clicking", the smaller 
size and the swivel holder/clip that enables the pump to be attached 
vertically or horizontally....She also doesn't seem to mind the more frequent 
reservoir changes, which I had assumed she would.....
    So stay tuned.....
Renee ( pump mom to 19 yr old Melissa...dx'd at 9..pumping since 1996....)
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