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Re: [IP] Paridigm Upgrade

The insurance company I had when I began pumping covered pump and supplies 100% 
through a local delivery company.  I never used to pay attention to prices! 
That was with Cigna (and we actually used to complain, but what I wouldn't give 
to be back with them).  Since my employer changed, I have a deductible and then 
they pay 80%.  My latest order for 3 months (approx change every 3 days with 
extra added for "oops")of all supplies- special tape to go under the set 
because I am allergic, tape to go over the set because they fall off otherwise, 
reservoirs, quicksets, iv prep wipes, and 9 batteries that should last at least 
6 months I hope- was $750.  That's ordering from Minimed.  I have heard that 
they are the most expensive.  My 508 pump cost them approximately $6000.  You 
may want to find out how much if any your insurance covers before you realy 
look into it.  I don't know how anybody who hasn't won the lottery can afford 
this stuff without insurance.  I feel like I have been robbed since they told 
me how much that last order cost.

> I'm not a pumper but my son wants to.  How much do these things cost and are 
> they covered by insurance?  How much are the supplies?  
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