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[IP] Re: tonsilitis, mono, and strep, oh my

Your comment is correct! Obviously my CRS kicked in when I made the original 
statement ;-), so I went back and checked Liz's records. A week before her 
mono dx, she was treated for a sinus infection. Three days later when she 
wasn't improving, Liz was found to have a double ear infection and her 
antibiotic was changed. The antibiotics were prescribed for these 2 
conditions and not the mono.

Linda V

In a message dated 5/18/02 12:28:01 EDT , <A HREF="mailto:email @ redacted">email @ redacted</A> writes:

> >Because of how swollen her glands were, how sore her throat > was, and how 
run down she was her pc ran blood work to detect mono and the results came 
back positive. She was immediately put on antibiotics >>

>Why was she put on antibiotics?  Mono is a virus and antibiotics will do 
nothing to "cure" it.>
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