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[IP] Virus is a hoax

>Subject: Virus
>Date: Fri, 10 May 2002 00:16:13 +0000
>The following virus info was sent to me today.  I
>checked my computer and found and deleted the virus.
>Please check your system.  It is easy to delete, just
>follow the directions.
>This came from a reliable gal.  I followed the
>directions, and sure enough,
>found the darned little teddy bear.  So I guess that
>means this sucker got
>through everyone's anti-virus systems and must be
>deleted this way.  The
>steps are EASY.   Norton and the other systems are very
>good about detecting
>things, but this one apparently evades most anti-viral
>systems.  I'm sorry
>for the inconvenience, but I guess this technology we
>all love makes us inter-
>dependent yet another way.   As usual, nobody who GETS
>is it guilty of
>anything, especially if they try to rescue everyone in
>their address book.
>And I guess it's the same old story, in this as in every
>realm: the
>of the many good folks is exposed to the few preying
>creeps who seem to enjoy
>causing trouble!
>Just follow the steps - it's fast and easy....

I subscribe to a newsletter that gives me tips and tricks for computers.  I
received this email today from them:  Read On

Virus Hoax
There's another virus hoax going around. This one tells you to find and delete
a file called:
Don't delete it. It's a Java debugging file (some Java applets may not work
correctly without it ). Although it's not the most important file on your
computer, it's still probably best to leave it intact.
This gets passed around by an e-mail that warns the file is a "dormant" virus
and automatically activates on a certain date. It also claims that anti-virus
software can't remove it. Big time hoax.
Why is this a tip off?
If the file is a virus and on your computer, then AV software can get it.
Think about it, if you can find the file, then your AV software can too. If it
was really a problem, it would alert you.
Anyhow, that's my bit for today. Remember, just because it's in a forwarded
e-mail, doesn't automatically make it true.
Gale Pinckney
email @ redacted
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