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[IP] MiniMed 508 Questions....Priming, Case and Resevoir and Humalog

I recently started using a MiniMed 508 and have several questions. First, I 
seem to have problems getting the pump in and out of the standard leather 
case without it ripping down the seam. I use the spring belt clip that came 
with the pump.  Are you suppose to take the pump in and out of the case with 
the belt clip on or are you suppose to take the belt clip off first?  And if 
so,  how do you take off/ replace the belt clip when the pump is in the 
case?  I need to use the belt clip and a case for protection during work.  
Does MiniMed make better cases that can be used with the belt clip, but 
still sturdy enough to protect the pump?  What are other people's 

Next question is about priming. I use the bent needle Quick Release infusion 
sets.  I suspend the pump and disconnect at the QR site for showers.  I 
insert the rubber stopper in the tubing still connected to the pump and 
leave it.  When I return to reconnect the two pieces of tubing should I 
prime the pump and if so how much?  I was wondering if the insulin stays put 
in each separate tubing or if it runs out and priming needs to be done to 
take up the slack of insulin in the tubing.

I really need to know this next question.  How loose are the driver arms and 
the silver "J" hook that keeps the resevoir neck in place when using a full 
(300 units) resevoir suppose to be?  Mine seem to be loose. When using the 
resevoir converter, the resevoir is snuggle and does not move at all.  When 
I use a full resevoir, it seems like the neck is always coming  out and I 
have to pop it back in place.  Is this typical or do I need to worry?  
Someone said that as long as the door on the resevoir shuts properly, the 
resevoir can and will move and not to worry...is this true?  This is really 
bothering me and I take a lot of insulin and using the resevoir converter is 
not logical for me, but it does keep the resevoir snug.  What is the census 
on this?

My last question is about Humalog insulin.  I started using it a month ago 
and have gained A LOT of weight!!!  Has anyone else experienced this?

Sorry for the length of this e-mail.  MiniMed hasn't been real helpful with 
answers for these questions.  Any help is appreciated



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