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Re: [IP] re: dead 508

A couple of weeks ago, almost my one year aniversary with my 508, the screen
randomly filled with number & symbols when I tried to bolus. Then I would
get a "VER" error. Called MM and they said it was a software problem (as in
"Version"). Basal continued to work, altho one morning a got an unusual
high, so I think the pump "slept" with me.

Anyway, they said they would overnight a replacement pump. Then a few
minutes later they called back and said "good news!", they had no refurbs
left, so they would send me a new 508!

Well, I guess I was lucky, but I'm starting to wonder what's going on. Yes,
I know we shouldn't generalize from anecdotal info, but hey, they said they
had no refurbs left, so maybe its a 508 epidemic! I wish my CDE had told me
about Animas--she said I had to choose between MM and Distronic. MM quality
is starting to scare me. And I wonder what the first batch of Paradigms will
be like. I want its features but I don't want to be a "Medtronic pig."


"The opinions stated above are, well, opinions. Not having been informed to
the highest degree of accuracy, I hestitate to articulate for fear of
deviating from the geometic line of rectitude."

> They asked me when they told me that they were going to be sending out a
> replacement if I wanted my original pump back or if I was willing to
> transfer my warranty to the reconditioned pump.  I told them that I wanted
> my original pump back after they fixed it.  I was afraid that my
> pump would have some type of problem.  I think that I would rather have my
> original with the quirks that it has rather than inherit a used one with
> issues that I am unaware of.
> > I had the exact same problem in February of this year.  But unlike you I
got an E01 error after trying to  hit various combinations of the buttons.
Which means it reset itself to
> > zeros.  So I didn't even have the luxury of getting a basal rate.
> > was prompt in sending out a replacement and I can't complain about that.
> > However, the new one I got periodically looses the clock.  I will go to
> > bolus and the screen will be blank. I can enter the bolus amount, or go
> > any of the other menu items, and once it times out, or starts delivering
> the clock reappears.  Has anyone seen this one?
> >
 I recently started having problems with the up arrow.  However, this
morning, I
> changed my infusion site and thus my insulin in the pump and it was
working fine.
> I want to work about 45 minutes later and all of the sudden, I am unable
> > use my Select button and the up button on my pump.  When I touch either
> > these buttons, I get a screen of 8's and then the pump resets itself but
> > keeps the time.  I contacted Minimed and was instructed that I was
> an "electrical malfunction" and a "system malfunction."  I was also told
> > Josh at Minimed that I would be getting a replacement pump tomorrow by
> 10:30 am EST.  He claims that my pump will continue to deliver by basil
rate but
> > is unable to deliver any boluses (I have been unable to get my pump to
> > deliver boluses since this problem started this morning).  Has anyone
> > ever had this problem?
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