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[IP] re: dead 508

From: "smreale" <email @ redacted>
>>>Also, a pump is a very expensive thing so why is it that when a consumer
reports a problem regarding their insulin pump that cannot be corrected, why
do they send out a "RECONDITIONED" pump and not a new pump?  It is not as if
I spent only $20 bucks on this thing.>>>

Aren't most new cars that are under warranty fixed and in the meantime you
get a loaner, NOT a brand-new replacement/loaner? We don't get new cars so
I'm not sure but someone will give the correct answer. The replacements have
the same amount of warranty on them as the one turned in. You have the
option of getting yours returned. I have kept the replacement and am very
happy with it. If it should die, I'll call MM and they'll send another
replacement and I'll choose to keep that replacement.

The first pump company I dealt with (CPI/Lilly) did the same thing, but they
returned the original pump and got the loaners back - still not replaced
with a brand new pump.

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