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RE: [IP] re: dead 508

Since I opted to have the warrenty transfered, I can call up and check with
them on what to do.  Since the pump is operating normally for everything
else I just haven't gotten around to it.  They told me the problem was
pretty major and that I probably wouldn't get mine back for several months.
Since it was pretty banged up anyways from two years of use, I took my
chances that the reconditioned pump would be in better shape.  YMMV.

-- Sherry

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They asked me when they told me that they were going to be sending out a
replacement if I wanted my original pump back or if I was willing to
transfer my warranty to the reconditioned pump.  I told them that I wanted
my original pump back after they fixed it.  I was afraid that my replacement
pump would have some type of problem.  I think that I would rather have my
original with the quirks that it has rather than inherit a used one with
issues that I am unaware of.

Have you contacted Minimed?  Is this something that they will fix or do you
have to deal with it until you either upgrade or change pumps?

Just wondering since this is my 1st problem with my pump.
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