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RE: [IP] re: dead 508

I got my MM508 in November of 1999.  I had the exact same problem in
February of this year.  But unlike you I got an E01 error after trying to
hit various combinations of the buttons.   Which means it reset itself to
zeros.  So I didn't even have the luxury of getting a basal rate.  Minimed
was prompt in sending out a replacement and I can't complain about that.

However, the new one I got periodically looses the clock.  I will go to
bolus and the screen will be blank. I can enter the bolus amount, or go to
any of the other menu items, and once it times out, or starts delivering the
clock reappears.  Has anyone seen this one?

-- Sherry

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I have had a Minimed 508 insulin pump for about 1 1/2 years.  I recently
started having problems with the up arrow.  However, this morning, I changed
my infusion site and thus my insulin in the pump and it was working fine.  I
want to work about 45 minutes later and all of the sudden, I am unable to
use my Select button and the up button on my pump.  When I touch either of
these buttons, I get a screen of 8's and then the pump resets itself but
keeps the time.  I contacted Minimed and was instructed that I was having an
"electrical malfunction" and a "system malfunction."  I was also told by
Josh at Minimed that I would be getting a replacement pump tomorrow by 10:30
am EST.  He claims that my pump will continue to deliver by basil rate but
is unable to deliver any boluses (I have been unable to get my pump to
deliver boluses since this problem started this morning).  Has anyone else
ever had this problem?
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