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Re: [IP] re: dead 508

I have had a Minimed 508 insulin pump for about 1 1/2 years.  I recently
started having problems with the up arrow.  However, this morning, I changed
my infusion site and thus my insulin in the pump and it was working fine.  I
want to work about 45 minutes later and all of the sudden, I am unable to
use my Select button and the up button on my pump.  When I touch either of
these buttons, I get a screen of 8's and then the pump resets itself but
keeps the time.  I contacted Minimed and was instructed that I was having an
"electrical malfunction" and a "system malfunction."  I was also told by
Josh at Minimed that I would be getting a replacement pump tomorrow by 10:30
am EST.  He claims that my pump will continue to deliver by basil rate but
is unable to deliver any boluses (I have been unable to get my pump to
deliver boluses since this problem started this morning).  Has anyone else
ever had this problem?

Also, a pump is a very expensive thing so why is it that when a consumer
reports a problem regarding their insulin pump that cannot be corrected, why
do they send out a "RECONDITIONED" pump and not a new pump?  It is not as if
I spent only $20 bucks on this thing.

Look forward to hearing back from anyone.

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> Hello all!
> My Minimed 508 went kablooie a month ago also.  I called Minimed very
early on
> a Sunday when it happened, & they sent me a loaner.  My dilemma was what
to do
> for insulin until it arrived on Tuesday afternoon?  Since it was Sunday,
> regular MD & CDE were not available.  I'd rather deal w/ them directly
> someone on-call.
> So I searched the IP website & found this very very useful page by Bob
> Burnett.  (see link below)  The tips Mr. Burnett lists helped keep my
> right on target!  I was (still am!) so grateful for this help, that I
> him to tell him so.
> I think part of the reason my numbers were so great was that I wasn't
> as much, knowing it would mean another shot, when doing one every 3 hours
> already.   It was nice to know my forced pump vacation was handled without
> much fuss.
> I'm sure it goes without saying that if any problems arrived, I would have
> contacted my MD & CDE.
> http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/howto/yourpump.html
> (if the link doesn't work...
> It's listed under the FAQ section on the IP website, then go to:
> NEW PUMP - Now you've got it! What to do with it. Some Tips for Developing
> Lasting Relationship With Your Pump (text_version)
> then go to #3:  know how to return to injection therapy...)
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