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>From: "Dr. Joe, The Diabetes Doctor" <email @ redacted>
>Many of you are interested in cell transplantation for diabetes 1.
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>Doctor Joe, the Diabetes Doctor
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>May 8, 2002
>The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation's Research E-Newsletter provides
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>In this issue:
>This is a special issue of the JDRF Research E-Newsletter updating
>information on the coming Senate debate and vote on somatic cell nuclear
>transfer (SCNT). The next regular edition of the newsletter will be
>published on Friday, May 10, 2002.
>With the U.S. Senate split over whether to ban somatic cell nuclear
>transfer (SCNT) (also known as "therapeutic cloning"), an influential
>Republican, Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) announced his support for a bill,
>S. 2439 (bipartisan legislation introduced on April 30 by its sponsors,
>Senators Hatch, Specter, Feinstein, and Kennedy) that would ban human
>reproductive cloning to create children, but permit privately-funded
>research involving SCNT.  SCNT is a research technique that produces stem
>cells genetically identical to the donor--allowing a patient's own cell to
>repair his or her body. It is an area of research that could be critical to
>providing new therapies for a range of diseases, including type 1
>diabetes.  Senator Hatch's support is considered to be a significant boost
>for those opposing a ban on SCNT.
>A rival bill, S. 1899, sponsored by Senators Brownback and Landrieu, would
>ban public and private support for two very different forms of cloning
>technology.  Moreover, the bill would ban the importation of cures and
>therapies developed in foreign countries such as the United Kingdom, where
>SCNT is permissible and even supported with government funding.  Similar
>legislation was approved by the U.S. House of Representatives last
>summer.   The Senate is expected to debate cloning before the Memorial Day
>recess, and JDRF's Washington Report has issued an alert, asking supporters
>of  Senator Hatch's position to join a campaign initiated by the Coalition
>for the Advancement of Medical Research (CAMR) to call their Senators'
>offices registering support forSCNT and opposition to S. 1899.
>Click below to access the Coalition's Web site:
>In his statement, Senator Hatch pointed out two important factors that led
>him to his support of SCNT:
>*     The egg cell, with its nucleus removed, is never  fertilized with
>*     The resulting unfertilized, electronically  activated cell will never
>be implanted into a woman's womb, so there is no chance of birth.
>As part of his statement, the senator read from a letter he received from
>Pamela Anderson, the mother of Cody Anderson, a 2001 JDRF Children's
>Congress delegate from West Jordan, Utah. Cody, diagnosed with type 1
>diabetes in 2000 at the age of 2, was named after Pamela's father, who died
>from the same disease in 1991 at the age of 47.  "With your leadership on
>this issue, we can help people understand that cloning human tissue for
>research has nothing to do with making carbon 'copies of people' or
>creating a life," Pamela Anderson wrote. "It is about saving human lives
>and easing the pain and suffering of
>children like Cody."
>To read Senator Hatch's story and the Anderson letter, click below:
>To read a New York Times lead editorial, May 2, 2002, supporting the Hatch
>statement, click below:
>To read the results of a poll commissioned by the Coalition for the
>Advancement of Medical Research (CAMR), released on April 24, showing that
>more than two-thirds of Americans support SCNT to produce stem cells for
>treating life-threatening diseases and want the government to allow it to
>proceed, click below:
>To read an Op-Ed piece in the Washington Post by Ted Halstead and Michael
>Lind, co-founders of the New American Foundation, arguing that "the
>repercussions of criminalizing therapeutic cloning would be nightmarish,"
>click below:
>The scientific community has been a strong supporter of SCNT.  The National
>Academy of Sciences (NAS), the preeminent organization of world scientists,
>with a mandate requiring it to advise the government on scientific and
>technical matters, recently went on record opposing human reproductive
>cloning but opposing a ban on SCNT.  To read the NAS statement on
>supporting stem cell research and regenerative medicine, click below:
>Forty Nobel laureates signed a statement on April 10, 2002, supporting
>SCNT, citing the critical role this research could play in the fight
>against the most debilitating diseases known to mankind, and strongly
>opposing S. 1899.To read the letter, click below:
>JDRF's position on SCNT, originally established in November 2001, is
>twofold.  First, JDRF opposes reproductive cloning.  However, JDRF opposes
>a ban on SCNT.  Instead, JDRF proposes that Congress and the Administration
>ensure that all research adheres to appropriate scientific and ethical
>For complete background information and press reports visit JDRF's Stem
>Cell Information Section by clicking below:
>PLEASE NOTE: As mentioned above, CAMR is encouraging supporters of SCNT
>research to contact their two Senators and register support for SCNT and
>opposition to the proposed legislation that criminalizes potentially
>life-saving medical research. (Capitol Switchboard: 202-224-3121).
>Dr. Joe, The Diabetes Doctor
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