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[IP] For Info Only-Islet Cell transplants

This note is for information only.


Many of you are interested in cell transplantation for diabetes 1.

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Doctor Joe, the Diabetes Doctor

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May 8, 2002

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation's Research E-Newsletter provides 
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In this issue:
This is a special issue of the JDRF Research E-Newsletter updating 
information on the coming Senate debate and vote on somatic cell nuclear 
transfer (SCNT). The next regular edition of the newsletter will be 
published on Friday, May 10, 2002.


With the U.S. Senate split over whether to ban somatic cell nuclear 
transfer (SCNT) (also known as "therapeutic cloning"), an influential 
Republican, Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) announced his support for a bill, 
S. 2439 (bipartisan legislation introduced on April 30 by its sponsors, 
Senators Hatch, Specter, Feinstein, and Kennedy) that would ban human 
reproductive cloning to create children, but permit privately-funded 
research involving SCNT. SCNT is a research technique that produces stem 
cells genetically identical to the donor--allowing a patient's own cell to 
repair his or her body. It is an area of research that could be critical to 
providing new therapies for a range of diseases, including type 1 diabetes. 
Senator Hatch's support is considered to be a significant boost for those 
opposing a ban on SCNT.

A rival bill, S. 1899, sponsored by Senators Brownback and Landrieu, would 
ban public and private support for two very different forms of cloning 
technology. Moreover, the bill would ban the importation of cures and 
therapies developed in foreign countries such as the United Kingdom, where 
SCNT is permissible and even supported with government funding. Similar 
legislation was approved by the U.S. House of Representatives last summer. 
The Senate is expected to debate cloning before the Memorial Day recess, 
and JDRF's Washington Report has issued an alert, asking supporters of 
Senator Hatch's position to join a campaign initiated by the Coalition for 
the Advancement of Medical Research (CAMR) to call their Senators' offices 
registering support forSCNT and opposition to S. 1899.

Click below to access the Coalition's Web site:

In his statement, Senator Hatch pointed out two important factors that led 
him to his support of SCNT:

* The egg cell, with its nucleus removed, is never fertilized with sperm;
* The resulting unfertilized, electronically activated cell will never be 
implanted into a woman's womb, so there is no chance of birth.

As part of his statement, the senator read from a letter he received from 
Pamela Anderson, the mother of Cody Anderson, a 2001 JDRF Children's 
Congress delegate from West Jordan, Utah. Cody, diagnosed with type 1 
diabetes in 2000 at the age of 2, was named after Pamela's father, who died 
from the same disease in 1991 at the age of 47. "With your leadership on 
this issue, we can help people understand that cloning human tissue for 
research has nothing to do with making carbon 'copies of people' or 
creating a life," Pamela Anderson wrote. "It is about saving human lives 
and easing the pain and suffering of
children like Cody."

To read Senator Hatch's story and the Anderson letter, click below:

To read a New York Times lead editorial, May 2, 2002, supporting the Hatch 
statement, click below:

To read the results of a poll commissioned by the Coalition for the 
Advancement of Medical Research (CAMR), released on April 24, showing that 
more than two-thirds of Americans support SCNT to produce stem cells for 
treating life-threatening diseases and want the government to allow it to 
proceed, click below:

To read an Op-Ed piece in the Washington Post by Ted Halstead and Michael 
Lind, co-founders of the New American Foundation, arguing that "the 
repercussions of criminalizing therapeutic cloning would be nightmarish," 
click below:

The scientific community has been a strong supporter of SCNT. The National 
Academy of Sciences (NAS), the preeminent organization of world scientists, 
with a mandate requiring it to advise the government on scientific and 
technical matters, recently went on record opposing human reproductive 
cloning but opposing a ban on SCNT. To read the NAS statement on supporting 
stem cell research and regenerative medicine, click below:

Forty Nobel laureates signed a statement on April 10, 2002, supporting 
SCNT, citing the critical role this research could play in the fight 
against the most debilitating diseases known to mankind, and strongly 
opposing S. 1899.To read the letter, click below:

JDRF's position on SCNT, originally established in November 2001, is 
twofold. First, JDRF opposes reproductive cloning. However, JDRF opposes a 
ban on SCNT. Instead, JDRF proposes that Congress and the Administration 
ensure that all research adheres to appropriate scientific and ethical 

For complete background information and press reports visit JDRF's Stem 
Cell Information Section by clicking below:

PLEASE NOTE: As mentioned above, CAMR is encouraging supporters of SCNT 
research to contact their two Senators and register support for SCNT and 
opposition to the proposed legislation that criminalizes potentially 
life-saving medical research. (Capitol Switchboard: 202-224-3121).

Dr. Joe, The Diabetes Doctor

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