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[IP] New pump to use bag rather than cartridges?

I have high expectations of the Delivery Technologies (Deltec) pump, given
this company's expertise and long experience in the field of infusion devices
that contrast with the mental constipation and lack of real innovation that
seem to be a hallmark of the established CIIS hardware providers. It looks as
if the Deltec pump will use 'bags' - or am I misinterpreting the calims they
make in their patent?

''Another aspect of the invention relates to a pump system. The pump system
includes an enclosure arrangement defining a chamber, the chamber accessible
through an opening. A pump is mounted to the enclosure arrangement to close
the opening to the chamber. A bag arrangement containing fluid is located in
the chamber. The bag arrangement includes a panel defining a interior chamber,
and the bag arrangement includes a first end and a second end. A fluid outlet
port is in the panel, and the outlet port is in fluid communication with the
interior chamber. An elongated hollow member is in fluid communication with
the port, and extends in a direction from the first end toward the second end
of the bag arrangement. The pump system further includes a fluid conduit
arrangement to provide a fluid path to the pump. The pump may include an
adapter for mounting the pump to the enclosure so as to close the opening to
the enclosure.''


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