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[IP] update and question

Hello everyone,

I don't have a whole lot to contribute as I'm not yet pumping, but I thought
I'd give you an update on where things are at for me, and also ask a
question. Last week I visited a nurse educator to kick off my pre-pump
training (for those of you in the SE Michigan area, it was with Fern Vining
at Royal Oak Beaumont). She showed me the pump options and I decided to go
with Minimed. But I couldn't decide between the 508 (larger reservoir) and
the Paradigm (much smaller reservoir). 

Today I decided to go with the Paradigm. To assist me in making my decision,
Fern put me in touch with
the area Minimed representative. I never actually spoke with him though I
did leave him a message expressing my concern with the smaller reservoir and
the fact that I'd have to change it out more frequently than the 508. He
left a message on my machine saying something like the following.

"Being a pumper myself, I would personally recommend the Paradigm. I use
approximately 80 units per day so I usually only get 2 days, but sometimes
3. Once you've been a pumper for a while yourself, you'll learn some of the
tricks for making it last longer."

Thus my confusion. At 80 units per day

, how do you get 240 units out of a 176 unit reservoir over the course of
three days? So what did he mean by "tricks for making it last longer?" Are
any of you familiar with this?

I read somewhere on another list I belong to, that some people are mixing R
with the Humalog in their pumps to extend the life of their sites. Could
this be what the rep was talking about? I'd call the rep back and ask him
myself, but I can't locate his number.

Thanks for listening.

Keith G.
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