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[IP] Pumping and tears

My question is, what types of things should I ask in order to at least
make an attempt at getting the help I feel I need.  After my appointment
on Monday, I was so angry and hurt that I was in tears.  I am feeling
really alone with this disease.

Thanks in advance,
Diabetes is like many diseases, largely self managed. I would ask how to
handle sick days and how to treat high bs on those days that you have them.
also I'd review your basals with your doc and ask him for a starting basal
rate. You will have to review this and redetermine it several times over the
first few months of pumping. Once you find your basal rate dont think of it
as cast in stone, you'll have to reinvestigate it several times the first
year it does not remain constant. Id also see a CDE for most pump related
problems. Most docs feel these are mechanical tasks and they do not want to
be involved in the day to day ins and outs of pump management. Many docs are
not knowlegable enough about the pump to make suggestions. If you have a doc
you have a good relationship with, stay with him or her. Don't expect your
doc to be super pump knowlegable. Getting bummed out when pumping is
commonplace because you are now paying more attention to your diabetes than
at anytime in the past. This recently happened to a friend and she went off
the pump as a result.It also happened to me recently but I stayed with the
pump realizing it was just some depression because of complications despite
pump therapy. Diabetes burnout gets to all of us in different forms over the
years. like my medical school professors said, type 1 diabetes is for
life.Hopefully that will be a long time. A little antidepressant might be in
order too. spot

A. L. Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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