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[IP] re: dead 508

Hello all!
My Minimed 508 went kablooie a month ago also.  I called Minimed very early on
a Sunday when it happened, & they sent me a loaner.  My dilemma was what to do
for insulin until it arrived on Tuesday afternoon?  Since it was Sunday, my
regular MD & CDE were not available.  I'd rather deal w/ them directly than
someone on-call.

So I searched the IP website & found this very very useful page by Bob
Burnett.  (see link below)  The tips Mr. Burnett lists helped keep my numbers
right on target!  I was (still am!) so grateful for this help, that I wrote
him to tell him so.

I think part of the reason my numbers were so great was that I wasn't eating
as much, knowing it would mean another shot, when doing one every 3 hours
already.   It was nice to know my forced pump vacation was handled without
much fuss.

I'm sure it goes without saying that if any problems arrived, I would have
contacted my MD & CDE.


(if the link doesn't work...
It's listed under the FAQ section on the IP website, then go to:
NEW PUMP - Now you've got it! What to do with it. Some Tips for Developing a
Lasting Relationship With Your Pump (text_version)
then go to #3:  know how to return to injection therapy...)

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