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Re: [IP] humalog pen

Annie Wall wrote:

> For those of you who use or have used an insulin pen, I have a question.  I
> am currently off the pump (temporarily, I hope) and am using a pen for
> bolusing.  Naturally, the company says that needles are single use, but even
> my doctor tells me I can use one needle a day.  If you re-use the needles,
> do you keep the needle on the pen throughout the day, or do you remove it?
>  Also, do you prime 2 units every time you inject?
> When you do prime 2 units and you're out at a restaurant and you don't feel
> compelled to disappear into the restroom, do you end up spraying insulin
> about?  In my vast experience over the past 8 hours, those units sure can
> fly about!  It's kind of funny in my kitchen, but I could use some
> suggestions as to how to be more discreet.  (Even when I'm real careful and
> slow, 2 units is an ample amount and can really be smelled, at the very
> least and, according to the instructions, I'm supposed to point the needle
> up, hence the little fountain of insulin.)
> Any help out there?  Thanks.
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