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[IP] Re: Leaving introducer needle in

> Subject: RE: [IP] Newbie-type Q

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> I've been pumping only 18.5 years and have a newbie-type question: I just
> changed my SofSet and while priming the 0.5u inside me, I realized I had not
> yet removed the introducer needle. Now, did I get all of that prime, or did
> that mess it up royally?????
> Janduh (~_^)

Well, I did it and more. I left the introducer needle in all day and
discovered it at night when I was getting ready for bed. Definitely not a
brilliant thing to do but fortunately it didn't seem to matter. My blood
sugars were just fine all day long. Yes, I pulled the ol' needle right out!
So, what happened to you, Jan?  Notice any difference?

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