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Re: [IP] Need Help! If anyone is awake

> AAAAccccckkkkk!!! I have done 7 set changes in 5 days and have had a
couple numbers a day in target, the rest off the wall. Most of the time the
insulin feels like it's burning going in, but I've had some trouble turning
some of the Quickset caps all of a sudden (was a problem in the beginning,
but had been OK). Once I had a mini gusher, twice there was no residual
insulin coming out of me when I took the set out (couldn't leave it in
because it hurt). This is preceded by a few of my BEST weeks yet on the pump
so it has me very frustrated!!! My husband was away so I was reluctant to be
aggressive in getting it down fearing a crash (I will suddenly go low with
PMS, which I have right now). How long do you wait before doing more
corrections?? The full 4 hours?? After 2 hours???? The book Insulin Pumpers
in in the mail to me right now (should be here Monday). Anyone who can offer
help please e-mail directly to email @ redacted Thanks!! (And my pump
will thank you for me not throwing it out the window!!!)
> Kathleen, MM508

Kathleen, I understand your frustration.  It sounds like you don't have a
doctor to help you (?), but try calling MiniMed.  I've been having quite
similar problems over the past couple of months, after 7 pretty darn good
years on the pump.  I do have a great doc, who has put me on a pump vacation
to find out if my problems are with the pump or with the insulin and is
doing some blood work to see if I have another underlying problem.  Anyhow,
if the problems turn out to be pump or site-related, the MM rep for our area
and a pump trainer (who's a nurse practitioner at a practice that has 400
pumpers and who's a pumper herself) are coming to Ithaca to see me.  As my
doctor said, if MM wants me on their pump, they better figure out how to
make it work for me.  Although my specific problems remain unresolved, I
have spent a lot of time with MM clinical service reps on the phone and they
have done things from guiding me through pump checks to trying out different
infusion sets to reviewing exactly how I'm doing things.  I've learned that
I've picked up some bad habits over the years and have taken short-cuts that
may not necessarily be good ones.  I know that others have complained about
MM's service since the merger with Medtronics but that has not been my
experience.  Incidently, my doctor thinks that my stress over pump problems
has probably been contributing to the highs I've been experiencing.  When I
saw the first "word" in your email, I couldn't help but think the same may
be true with you.

I will let others give you advice on the highs but I know for sure they will
ask what type of insulin you are using and under what conditions you want to
know about the timing of corrections.  I have been using Humalog in the pump
and do a correction right away if I have pulled my infusion set out and
there's blood at the site.  If I've done a correcting bolus and it hasn't
done its job after 2 hours, I inject the correction and change the set.

Good luck.  My doctor also said to me yesterday that a period of high BGs
will not undo all the good work I have done prior to that, and I found that
very reassuring.  As hard as this current period is and as hard as life with
Diabetes is, I just keeping plugging away trying to do the best I can (even
when "the best I can" is not accomplishing what's best for me right now!)  I
hope you get your Pumping Insulin book soon; it's really quite helpful.

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