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[IP] Re: tonsilitis, mono, and strep, oh my

Liz had mono over Easter break last year. We started out thinking she had 
strep throat.  Because of how swollen her glands were, how sore her throat 
was, and how run down she was her pc ran blood work to detect mono and the 
results came back positive. She was immediately put on antibiotics. Because 
mono causes your tonsils to become so swollen, it often becomes hard for a 
patient to breathe. For a non-D patient, this symptom is treated with 
steroids to reduce the swelling. Since Liz has diabetes and steroids play 
havoc with bg levels, her doc didn't want to go this route and we were 
advised to go immediately to the ER if Liz experienced breathing problems.
With mono, Liz also ran a very high very temp and needed blood work about 
every 5 days to keep track of her liver enzymes. She was told not to 
participate in any rough sport and to avoid rough-housing for several weeks 
after because her spleen was enlarged and any trauma to the area could cause 
a rupture. The worst of the symptoms lasted about a week and she felt run 
down for a few weeks after that. 

Linda V
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email @ redacted writes:

> Has anyone here ever had mono, or had their tonsils removed from having 
> tonsilitus?  If so can you tell me what symptoms you were having and how 
> the 
> doctor figured out you had it?
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