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Re: [IP] A Dead 508 -Us too!

       Funny, we went through the same exact thing last Thursday night -- my 
wife's 6 month old 508 died (all 8's on the screen).  MiniMed got a loaner 
508 to us by Saturday morning but my wife DID panic -- not having an 
emergency plan in place.  Of course the endo. was away that night and the 
covering doctor said "I am not touching this -- go to the ER!"  We have been 
to the ER and hospital before and for the most part they tell us "You know 
more about it than us so take care of yourself."        
       As panic set in, we called -- at 11 at night -- the diabetes education 
nurse that first helped us with the new pump back in September 2001.  She 
traveled 40 min. to the local hospital, met us there, and loaned us her 
teaching 507C to use until the MiniMed loaner came on Saturday.  The next 
morning the endo. called us (having been advised that we had called his 
service the night before) and my wife went right in to see him.  They worked 
out a plan for any future pumpless emergency.  This just goes to show there 
are some very very special people out there who do care for others!

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