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[IP] Re: Canadian health care

Hi Michelle,

I am Canadian and used to live in Ontario, and was covered by OHIP.  Once you 
are considered a full resident and covered by OHIP, this is what it will pay 
for (100 percent of the costs):
All visits to the doctor and specialists;
All blood tests and other tests ordered by the doctor--a few of these are 
being excluded nowadays (things like multiple cholesterol tests on low risk 
people), but in your case anything deemed medically necessary by the doctor 
would be covered.
Yes, this would include HbA1c tests every 3 months, or more often as 
Any and all visits to the ER and other treatments needed in hospital;
All hospitalization costs, but only in a "ward" style room.  Semi-private and 
private rooms have to be paid for at the going rate (varies between 
hospitals).  If there are no ward rooms available, you would be put in a 
semi-private room without charge.  

Other provinces are different, but in Ontario OHIP does not cover any 
prescription or non-prescription drugs, or appliances.  Thus you must pay for 
your pump, all insulin, syringes, test strips etc, etc.  That being said, 
many (most? but not all) Canadians have supplementary health insurance 
through their employer.  Will you be moving there to take a job or for your 
spouse to take a job?  If so, ask right now about whether the employer 
provides health insurance, to put your mind at ease.  In many cases this is 
provided at no cost to the employee, or at a very low price.  These plans can 
vary considerably in how "good" they are.  My husband's plan covers 100% of 
the pump cost and all diabetic supplies, after a $50 annual deductible fee.  
But others aren't as generous.
       When you first arrive in Canada you won't have OHIP coverage for 
doctor's visits, but if you have an employer coverage for health insurance 
your prescription items will be covered usually from the day you start work.  

       Check on the Canadian price of supplies before you move, to determine 
which items are cheaper here in Canada, or which ones it is better to buy in 
the USA and bring with you.   All pump supplies are readily available and 
service is great with both companies that distribute Animas and Minimed 
supplies.  (You will like the Animas people in Toronto!)  With our low dollar 
some items cost less, but this isn't always the case.  The Freestyle meter is 
not available in Canada and the last I asked the company had no plans to 
market it here.  You will likely have to switch meters, or pay out of pocket 
for the strips and order through the USA.  
 Feel free to write me to ask about prices or anything else.  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8

<<Hello. A move to Toronto will most likely be in my future this fall. I was> 
> wondering what is covered under Canadian Health Care or even OHIP?. 
> Eventually I will be a permanent resident with all the privileges citizens 
> share regarding health care.
> Was wondering if someone could tell me what is covered as far as testing 
> supplies (I use the FreeStyle meter), pumps (I use an Animas with MiniMed 
> sets), etc. as well as testing. Is getting an A1C every 3 mo. standard? 
> What 
> about cholesterol tests, etc. I also have Hypothyroidism, would tests be 
> covered for that also every 3 mo. if needed?
> I know that health care is "free" in Canada, but don't know if there are 
> limits on what can be done when or what is covered.>>
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