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[IP] Need Help! If anyone is awake

AAAAccccckkkkk!!! I have done 7 set changes in 5 days and have
had a couple numbers a day in target, the rest off the wall. Most
of the time the insulin feels like it's burning going in, but
I've had some trouble turning some of the Quickset caps all of a
sudden (was a problem in the beginning, but had been OK). Once I
had a mini gusher, twice there was no residual insulin coming out
of me when I took the set out (couldn't leave it in because it
hurt). This is preceded by a few of my BEST weeks yet on the pump
so it has me very frustrated!!! My husband was away so I was
reluctant to be aggressive in getting it down fearing a crash (I
will suddenly go low with PMS, which I have right now). How long
do you wait before doing more corrections?? The full 4 hours??
After 2 hours???? The book Insulin Pumpers in in the mail to me
right now (should be here Monday). Anyone who can offer help
please e-mail directly to email @ redacted Thanks!! (And
my pump will thank you for me not throwing it out the window!!!)

Kathleen, MM508
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