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[IP] Supplies carried

And don't forget the kitchen sink!
Really, the only things I carry are an extra infusion set and an extra glucose
monitor that stays at work. I have never yet used the infusion set in four
years but it is there just in case and looking awfully ragged in it's plastic
thing but it is OK. I routinely check my reservoir for coming close to needing
changes and I change it on the third day need it or not. Usually by the second
and a half day, my sight is starting to itch and my blood sugars are going up
from those silly bubbles-so I change it anyway. This pump experience has
gained a lot of trust - leaned to the good for me. For the record I do need a
bigger purse for the palm, blood sugar machine, my wallet and all the other
things I need to carry. happy pumping y'all Sharon
PS I hope not to offend anybody, just wanted to give my 2 cents worth
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