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Re: [IP] Questions for my Diabetes Educator

I know where you guys are coming from.  I have never had a doc or other 
health care professional give me any advice that has ever helped me (seems 
like the only thing they ever fixed for me was a broken arm).  Even when I 
was diagnosed, it was because I walked into the office and told the doc that 
I had diabetes.  He only tested me to humor me...  Anyway, very early on I 
decided that if I couldn't rely on them, I had to do it myself.  I just read 
everything I could get my hands on about diabetes and nutrition.  I actually 
spent a lot of time at the medical school library of my husband's university 
in the first couple of years after my diagnosis.  Now I think I know more 
than the docs (at least on some topics) which of course makes them CRINGE 
when they see me coming!  He, he, he...  I like it that way better than when 
I used to be the one cringing.  Of course, I'd still love to find a doc who 
really knew what was going on and cared enough to be helpful, but I am not 
holding my breath.  I hope you guys find one, and if you do, let me know!


>My doctor also never checks my feet.  He does do HbA1c tests but usually
>when it comes to helping me with my basal rates he is also shooting from
>the hip.  He also looks at the past two weeks readings and makes changes
>based on that.  This is not the doctor that pump me on the pump.  I
>probably wouldn't be if I were seeing him at the time.  I too have the
>dawn phenomenon as well as some other "phenonmenon :-)"  as you have spoke
>of.  This is also why I am having problems checking my basals.  I also do
>not have a clue about glycemic index and other food issues that I have
>heard about here.  I was taught to count carbs by knowing that 1 carb
>exchange is equal to 15 grams.  This really makes me so angry.  I want to
>take the best care of myself, but I am not trained in the medical field
>and at this time I am being let down by these medical professionals that
>my insurance company and myself are paying so much to do nothing.  I am
>sorry for ranting.
>meg teg wrote:
> >  Billie
> > I can empathize with you completely. I had my endo
> > appt. Wed and didn't make it out of the office before
> > I was in tears. My endo is supposedly great but in
> > 3years hasn't helped me much other than putting me on
> > the pump. I hope u have better luck with the Diabetes
> > educator than I have. I find these people look at the
> > past 2 weeks of blood sugars and start shooting from
> > the hip. I don't seem to have any evident patterns.
> > I'm a little better on the pump because I can now
> > control the dawn Phenomenon but I usually always have
> > one out of 8-10 BG reading out of range. Maybe this is
> > normal? Also he has only done 2 A1c in 3 years because
> > he can tell I'm out of control and he never checks my
> > feet!!!!!!!!I'm looking for a new doctor. I know I
> > didn't answer you question but I really needed to rant
> > and rave. thanks

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