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Subject: [IP] Canadian health care

On Fri, 17 May 2002 MBlackwell" wrote:

Hello. A move to Toronto will most likely be in my future this fall. I was 
wondering what is covered under Canadian Health Care or even OHIP?. 
Eventually I will be a permanent resident with all the privileges citizens 
share regarding health care.

Was wondering if someone could tell me what is covered as far as testing 
supplies (I use the FreeStyle meter), pumps (I use an Animas with MiniMed 
sets), etc. as well as testing. Is getting an A1C every 3 mo. standard? What 
about cholesterol tests, etc. I also have Hypothyroidism, would tests be 
covered for that also every 3 mo. if needed?

I know that health care is "free" in Canada, but don't know if there are 
limits on what can be done when or what is covered.

I live in Toronto.  It's a great city  (Go, Leafs ,go!)  No, health care is not "free" in Canada.  For detailed information about what is and isn't covered by OHIP,  you should check out the Ontario government's website at  http://www.gov.on.ca/health/english/program/ohip/ohip_mn.html.

Basically, you will be covered for all essential diagnostic and treatment services, including regular visits to your GP and endo, your Hba1C tests and your thyroid tests.  However, OHIP does not cover the cost of pumps, pump supplies  and testing supplies.  You should make sure you will be covered by your employers' group health plan.  I am lucky because my pump was covered by my firm's plan and all my pump supplies are covered 100%.  The plan covers 80% of my glucometer test strips and insulin. 

Good luck!
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