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Re: [IP] tonsilitis, mono, and strep, oh my

>He did a strep test, but of course it takes 3 days to find out the 
>results. He gave me amoxycillin, said get lots of rest (easy for him to 
>say), and sent me on my way. If the strep test is negative I have to go 
>back and see him and he will order a blood test for mono.

I read somewhere that if it's strep you'll get a sudden high fever.  Mono 
makes you feel very tired.  Other than that my knowledge is limited.  Btw, 
I had strep throat once (a long time ago) and was so sick for 2 weeks.  I 
went home from work early because I didn't feel good and only had a 
scratchy throat at the time.  By the next day I was so out of it, all I 
remember is being in bed and my mom giving me my insulin, antibiotics and 
trying to get me to drink juice so I wouldn't dehydrate.  This lasted for 
more than a week.  My throat was so swollen and painful I could hardly 
swallow anything.  I never want to go through that again.  YMMV.

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