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[IP] Surgery Fears, also Pump Anniversary!

I am scheduled for spinal surgery on the 28th of this month and am somewhat
afraid to say the least! And, to compound my fears, I will not be going
through the surgery while wearing my pump. At least that is what so far I
have been told. Instead, there will be an insulin IV drip. To add to my
fears even more, my endocrinologist does not go to the hospital where the
surgery will be performed so someone I don't know will be administering to
my insulin needs.

I am extremely sensitive to insulin and am so afraid that they will give me
too much and...well to make a long story short, hypos are a huge problem for
me, many unconscious ones(although since having the pump, I have had so many
less and lately, with better understanding of basals/boluses, have had very
few)... I am having a problem giving my trust to someone else to see to my
insulin needs!

Here in RI, so I have been finding out, medical personnel seem to have very
little understanding about pumps and how they work and so they feel it is
better to not use the pump during surgery.
Anyway, what are the experiences of others who have had major surgery? Did
you use your pump? Did you have the IV insulin drip?
I am really scared!! Need some words of reassurance, I guess.
By the way, Saturday, May 18, is my 2 year anniversary for pumping and I am
ready to celebrate 2 years of feeling healthier and in control.  Now, just
get this surgery out of the way....
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