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[IP] tonsilitis, mono, and strep, oh my

Has anyone here ever had mono, or had their tonsils removed from having 
tonsilitus?  If so can you tell me what symptoms you were having and how the 
doctor figured out you had it?  I just saw a new family practice doc (that I 
will not be seeing again).  I have a sore throat and it's worse that the usual 
cold so I went to this doctor.  My insurance is new so I can't see the old doc 
(which I didn't like anyway) and just realized, with all the doctors I have I 
hjave no one to see about a regular cold! (only people on this list would 
understand the humor in that)  So I picked one from my insurance list.  He 
looked at my nose and throat and said you either have strep, mono, or it's your 
tonsils.  He did a strep test, but of course it takes 3 days to find out the 
results.  He gave me amoxycillin, said get lots of rest (easy for him to say), 
and sent me on my way.  If the strep test is negative I have to go back and see 
him and he will order a blood test for mono.  Meanwhile my throat feels worse 
than ever and I am impatient.  I don't even know what mono or "it's your 
tonsils" means!  Ugh.  Doctors drive me nuts.

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