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Re: [IP] Re: glad I carry extra supplies/

Pumpers and Friends,
  Back when I started on a pump in the 80's, pumping was so new that everyone was learning. We had no "Pumping Insulin" or rules to go by.

email @ redacted wrote:

Wow, you are one organized and prepared guy!  I saved your e-mail for future reference, thanks!

   My endo's had the time to train me, I had days we called "What IF?" ... I would go in to see them and they would give me a problem with the pump I had to FIX . I have a old notebook full of "What IF?" problems and a plan of action for them.  In many of them, there is no right or wrong way of fixing a problem.... its in being prepared. 

    When I talk with new pumpers, I think I'm the lucky one because when I started on my pump I had a team of people to train me. The first week I saw someone (was in hospital first 2 days)every day, to go over things, had daily (weekend too)phone call for the first month. Was seen weekly for 2 months. I had to call every week with BS and any problems and actions for 6 months. 
  Now new starts get some or little training, yes you may get a few hour of training the day you got your pump and the day you started...but the follow up is not the best...  Doctor's and CDE, may not know how to help with day to day problems, or there is a time / cost to get the follow-up..  so you don't get the training you need. So that is why having books like "Pumping Insulin" , websites like Insulin Pumpers, and pump support groups, helps fill the need. They may not be the best place(at leased from your doctor or cde point of veiw)to get training. Some doctors and cde's are great, they take the time.. to find out how things are going in your life... to find out what you know and understand about your pump...  not just "How are your Blood Sugars?... good  .... see you in 3 ...6 months". But it is a two way street you have to do the work too.... Do you go see them with ??? written down.... a problem... what plan you have worked out .. talk over things... "What If??"
    Do you have written out a "ER letter" , I give a copy to every doctor/nurce/med person I see. It has in it about my pump, my basal, carb/insulin, a DON"T REMOVE pump... what drugs I'm on...  med history... who to contact if I'm sick... list of my doctors.... anything they need to know. I can go to be seen and give the person who checks me in my ER Letter and the can get all the info they need from it with not a word from me. I even write on bottom of the letter why I'm here to be seen... and my problems..or ..???? , what way everyone is on the same page it saves time and nothing is missed... I will make doctor/nurse write down the plan of action for each problem for me if I don't understand answer.  I have away to make sure they answer.. I stand in the door way until I'm done with them...  LOL it works too once I started to do that everyone get thing done now.. doctor looks for my letter/ note first read them and makes notes back to me, when ask me how I'm doing.


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