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[IP] Stephanie BS and Running

Look in "Pumping Insulin" chapter 5 page 45. There a table for pump vacations,
i.e.: when you need to remove the pump for extended periods of time. For your
two hour exercise with the pump off you should bolus 80% of your usual basal
for the time period you are "off pump". Also check page 163-164. This has a
brief, and I think too small, description of exercise causing blood glucose to
rise as opposed to falling. There is a very complicated physiological reason
why your blood glucose is rising. There is just not much written compared to
blood glucoses dropping.
The summation is use these tables for now and start searching for more info.
about this reaction and you will be able to fine tune your workout.
Another time you may see this reaction is during times of stress. Sara, my
daughter, has incredible increases in blood glucose during competition. She
likes to win, a lot. The tougher the meet, the quicker and higher the blood
glucose rises. This is in a sprint sport where the pump is off for maybe
five-ten minutes before a race. Checking frequently is the only remedy we have
found for race days. We have just gotten used to Sara's reactions, how fast it
is rising etc. and can accommodate accordingly.
Good luck,
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