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[IP] Questions for my Diabetes Educator


I have only become a part of this list in the past few months although I
have been wearing a pump for almost 5 years.  I feel that the training
and education I have been receiving from my doctor and nurses is very
lacking.  I don't think they have been keeping up to date or else they
just don't care.  I actually made an appointment with a new doctor, but
had an experience with DKA which forced me to see my current doctor for
treatment.  I have had several appointments in the last few weeks and
therefore, canceled my appointment with the new doctor.

I have bought the book Pumping Insulin, but have not made my way through
it well with setting basals because of failing to fall into normal
range.  My problem is that I am meeting with the Diabetes Educator on
June 3 and want to be prepared to ask as many questions as possible.  I
have read a lot of things on this list that I have never heard of and I
have been a diabetic for almost 21 years.  I want the best treatment
that I can possibly get.

My doctor does not seem to think there is any need for "intensive"
treatment.  He told me just this week that I didn't need to check my
sugar so often.  I check between 7 and 8 times a day.  He is very lax
when I ask questions about problems that I am having.  He loves to tell
me that I can adjust my basals without his help.  I am very sensitive to
any minor changes and therefore am afraid to make these changes on my
own.  I really feel that I need a little more  guidance than he is
willing to provide.

My question is, what types of things should I ask in order to at least
make an attempt at getting the help I feel I need.  After my appointment
on Monday, I was so angry and hurt that I was in tears.  I am feeling
really alone with this disease.

Thanks in advance,
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