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[IP] Re: glad I carry extra supplies/

Pumpers and Friends,

 I to have been following ....WHAT IF??
melissa atcheson <email @ redacted> wrote:

I've been following the recent thread about what everybody carries with them.

  I have a plan of action for WHAT IF? do you? 

	I have three models of what I call !'My ER Kits!(. 
I. Fanny Pack !KI have one with me at all the time; and I made one for my GF to have for then we go to football game!Kpark!Kmall!Kas she is my backup for day to day actives. 
II. Lock Box!K. I have one in my car; then I was working one at my desk or at school too. I need to lock this up so no one would mess with my supplies.
III. Storm bag is a big sport !(gym!( bag.  I can go for two week with this one. I also have a change of clothes and copy of pump manual. A book, radio, TV, important papers, back-up pump, and food. In Icebox is a bag with insulin and some meds at the ready to go in to Storm bag. I have talk over with my Girl Friend that is in storm bag and why and have add things she needs. I made small one for my cat too. : 
   In it is the following:					Fanny		Car/Wo/Sch	Storm
 a. Blood Sugar Kit					
1. Meter 					1		1		1
2. Blood Glucose Strips 			 	50		100		300
3. Blood Ketone Strips				4		8		24
4. Bayer!&s Ketostix foiled wrapped strips		10		20		50
5. Microlet lancet				1		1		1
6. Lancets					5		10		25
7. Glucose tablets 				1 tube of 10	2 tubes		3 tubes
8. Glucagon ER Kit with doc's note 		1		1		1
 b. Pump Kit
	1. Infusion set i.e. Softset-Tenders			2		5		10
	2. Dressing i.e. Tegaderm 				5		10		20
	3. Hypafix that I have pre-cut to size		5		10		20
	4. Batteries					1 set		1 set		2 sets
	5. Syringe cartridge set				1		5		10
	6. Tape						1-roll		1 roll		2 rolls
	7. Adapter with locking tappet			1		1		1
	8. Piston rod					1		1		1
c. Misc. Kit
	1. Insulin syringe and/or Insulin Pen		1		1		3
	2. Zip-lock of Alcohol, Hibistat, Skin-Prep,
    I.V. Prep, Betadine, and Uni-solve Pads		5 each		10 each		25 each
3. Money about # in coin to make calls or get food	3.00		5.00		10.00 +
4. Pill box with meds for a # of days		1		7		14
5. B-D Safe-Clip for sharps			1		1		1 with ziplock
6. ER Letter from my Doctor about me, my pump,	1		1		1
    and meds I take and why. In this letter is my name,
    address, phone #, and who to call if I have problem.
When I go out of town, I make up ER Kits of supplies: one I carry, one for GF to carry, one in her bag, and one in mine. I have five meters so I have back-ups. I have a cell phone.  I also have talk over with my doctor a !'What If?!( plan. I have small memo book with notes and copy of basals. I lost my backup notebook last week, I found it this morning, so I made copy to going in each of the kits. So!K!K!K!K!K!K!K..


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