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[IP] glad I carry extra supplies/previously: "new pumper"

I've been following the recent thread about what everybody carries with them.
I carry an extra infusion set, 1 or 2 IV preps, 1 adapter ( I have a D-tron),
insulin cartridge, insulin pen, needle tips (for the pen) and the plastic key
thing needed to remove an old set from the adapter-I keep all of these
supplies in a cosmetic case in the bag I carry to and from work, I move it
into my purse if I'm going out at night or on the weekend ...I also carry my
glucometer, 5 or 10 strips, ketostix and glucose tabs or lifesavers with me
almost always.

I am really glad I carry these extra supplies with me because on Monday I had
a site go bad.  My site was new on Saturday, inserted it in my butt cheek -
worked great all day Saturday and Sunday, Monday morning it was still
working...then I checked my BG mid-morning (about 3 hours after breakfast) and
my BG was 20.4 (about 367 in American units)...my first thought was that I
forgot my breakfast bolus - checked my pump memory - nope...I had
bolused...thought maybe it was PMS or that I was getting sick - I took my
correction bolus and didn't think much of it.  I checked before lunch and I
was at 21.7 (391 in American units)...checked urine and I was spilling
ketones.  I was glad I had my extra supplies, I took double my correction
bolus by pen, changed my site and changed the insulin cartridge just in
case...when I pulled out my old site it was kinky - not sure what happened to
it but it was bent in several places.  This is the first time that a site went
bad on me and it was the last thing I thought of.  It took several hours
before my BG came down and for my urine to be negative for ketones (I was
checking my BG's every hour & drinking ++ water).  I for one will continue to
carry all of my supplies!
IDDM since Dec/92
Pumping since Jan 8/02
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