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[IP] Re: Different Pumps and sets...

On 5/15/02 8:02 PM, "insulin-pumpers-digest" <email @ redacted>

> On 15 May 2002 at 8:50, catherine popper wrote:
>> My Minimed rep told me recently that a memo was
>> distributed among Minimed employees that use of
>> Disetronic sets (including Rapids) could cause no
>> delivery alarms in Minimed pumps. She said the way the
>> sets fit the reservoir caused a pressure build-up. I
>> have had bizarre "no delivery" alarms, but I continue
>> to use the Rapids. Has anyone else heard about this?
>> Catherine
> I am flabbergasted!  So the Tenders manufactured by Maersk cause pressure
> build up, but the IDENTICAL Silhouette sets manufactured by Maersk don't.
> Isn't it amazing 
> the information that you can get from such unbiased reps.   NOT    ;>)
> George

NOTHING surprises me anymore from Big Business and the quest for MORE money.
This type of Low-brow practice is what turned me off of MM in the first
place. Pumps of any name are indeed good, so why all the Male Bovine Fecal
Matter (BS: Female Bovines are COWS, and it just doesn't have the same 'ring
to it...<G>)? Just to make sales and MORE MONEY from the Gullible.

Jenny Sutherland
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