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Re: [IP] Paradigm Upgrade

Most insurance companies will only give you a certain amount of supplies and 
then not give you anything else for a while...like 3 months of supplies and 
then refuse to give you anything else for 3 months.  Well, if the person 
ordered 508 supplies, then upgraded and had to return the 508, they are stuck 
without supplies until the end of the 3 months...  That just doesn't sound 
right?  Did they give you a reason why they will not exchange the 508 
supplies?  Maybe you could talk to another supply company and see if they will 
exchange it?  Or maybe your doctor will intercede for you and talk to minimed?  
I guess you could always sell it to another pumper somehow, someone who does 
not buy it through their insurance.  I am still waiting to hear from minimed 
about the upgrade thing.  I purchased my pump within the time frame but heard 
nothing about it until after the program "expired" so they are looking tnto it 
whether or not I am eligible.  You are right, they certainly didn't give this 
much thought at all.  That's not really a suprise, though ;)  I think you have 
to pass a stupidity test to work for insurance or supplies/pharmacy companies.

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