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Re: [IP] Paradigm Upgrade QUESTION

Out of curiousity...

When you upgrade to the Paradigm do you have to trade in your old 508?  When
we upgrade Laura's 4 year old H-Tron we plan to keep it as a backup (along
with a few supplies) in case there is ever a problem.  I know the pump
companies are good at overnighting pumps to you but even 24 hours without a
pump can be a verrrrry long 24 hours especially if you are on a trip.  In
our case we were on a caribbean cruise last year when Laura's H-Tron gave a
system alarm that we could not correct - since we had the backup pump with
us we just switched her out and off we went.   So even though they will
overnight a pump to you in our case it would have been a nightmare trying to
figure out which island to have them send it to.  This was one time we were
extremely thankful to have an extra pump with us.

Sherri Lynn
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