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[IP] Paradigm Upgrade

I just got off the phone with Minimed.  This upgrade program has not been 
well thought out.  I was under the impression that any boxes of unopened 
supplies that we have at the time of upgrade will be traded out.  The woman I 
spoke to today says no.  Any supplies that I have for the 508, if I choose to 
go with the upgrade, I'm stuck with.  I've been using all my samples and 
onesy twosy infusion sets, so that I don't get stuck with opened boxes of 
supplies.  Now I'm being told that Minimed isn't going to take any of this 
back.  What if someone has placed a regular order for supplies because they 
are uncertain about whether they are going to take the upgrade, then what.  
Sorry I'm ranting, sounds like a scam to me.  They won't take back the 508 
supplies, but we're forced to order Paradigm supplies if we take the upgrade. 

My upgrade is supposed to happen sometime next month~its looks like if I take 
the upgrade, I'll have a ton of supplies for someone with a 508.  I'm not 
hoarding supplies, but my husbands job has been a little uncertain of late.  
Am I being out of line here, someone has paid good money for supplies, 
whether it be the insurance company or the consumer, its just not right.

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