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Re: [IP] With regards to "gusher"

> Heidi:
> This happened to me just the other day. I put a new ultraflex-soft
> in and got alarms from my pump like crazy, I took it out and the
> blood actually sprayed out of my leg...I went through one wash cloth
> and 7 kleenex. It was nearly 25 minutes before I could get a
> Band-Aid on it. I am bruised royally now, but, I sure will stay away
> from that area for a long time!!! I am thinking that I hit a vein
> possibly - its the only thing I could think of at the time.
You probably hit an itsy-bitsy capillary that bled into the tissue 
and formed a pool of blood which was released when you pulled out the 
set. It could happen at any site, there is nothing magic or that you 
should avoid about any particular area. Gushers happen, thankfully 
not very often.

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