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[IP] A Dead 508

I was glad that I am on this list last night when my 508(6 months old) DIED on me when I was trying to change my site...I had gotten the low volume alarm and was down to 12 units.  Assuming this was not the reason the pump wouldn't go past the first select button.  It cleared itself and came up with a screen full of 8s.  I called MM and they are sending me another pump to be delivered Friday before noon.

All this to say that had I not read about this oddity among MM pumps, I would have FREAKED out.  As it is, I had "borrowed" a loaner from a friend (a 506---oh my goodness, what a dinosaur compared to the 508---was shocked at the difference...) or I would be back on shots...this is depressing for me...I am spoiled now.

So here I am, just one more statistic in the "who knows why it failed" pump club.  Thanks for all the information...told the hubby last night that I was so glad I had heard about this or I would be in tears...
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