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Re: Re: [IP] new pumper

> I thought I had enough insulin left to get me through the day but
> since I have been running high all day (probably cuz of an air
> bubble or old site) I used up all I had. Technically I have another
> hour of work but with a BG of 286 and I was only able to give a
> partial correction before the pump went into occlusion I may have to
> waltz out a bit early cuz I don't feel good. Sure wish I had either
> changed it this morning and hadn't been quite so thrifty with the
> insulin or had brought a new bottle here.
If you use a long infusion set, you have 20 units left in the tube. 
You can carefully disconnect the leur lock, remove and draw air into 
the syringe, put it back and "pump prime" to get the mechanisms tight 
then reconnect the leur lock. You will then be able to go as long a 
the 20 units will take you.   ahem.... ~ 10 units on the short 
infusion lines. Yeah, it really works. Lily did it a couple of time 
when she was in high school and ran out during the day.

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