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Re: [IP] re: Tom Brokaw diabetes report

...it got me thinking about the
>perceptions of our disease.  It seems most non-diabetics think the worst
>thing about having diabetes is that you "have to take shots".   No.....I
>think the worst thing is that you have to worry about:  high blood
>sugars and the long-term complications they can bring (good control can
>reduce but not eliminate the risk);  hypoglycemia; the amount of
>carbohydrate in every single thing you eat; how exercise or lack thereof
>will affect your bg's, etc.  Taking a virtually painless shot pales in
>comparision to all that (and of course, pumps eliminate daily shots

This is so true, and sometimes drives me crazy.  Shots didn't bother me any 
more than clipping my fingernails, but I'd give anything to not have to 
devote so much of my (right now, anyway) very precious time and emotional 
energy to this never-ending drain of a disease!  I mightily resent the time 
that I have to devote to taking care of myself.  It drives me absolutely 
crazy that my day looks like this: get up, run around like a maniac to get 
dressed and put together grocery bag full of food (all measured out, yada, 
yada) healthy for a diabetic (and, unfortunately, celiac, so forget throwing 
anything between a coupla pieces of bread), work from 9 a.m. to 9 or 10 
p.m., come home, walk dogs, spend an hour making my dinner and lunch and 
snacks for next day, eat, and hope to be in bed before midnight.  If I could 
do what my husband does and eat a big bowl of cereal for every meal, I could 
actually relax for an hour, I could spend time with hubby, I could call an 
old friend!  But noooo...  And then I'm really frustrated because I don't 
have any time at all (at least lately - I'm leaving this job on june 1, 
thank God) to exercise...  Wouldn't it be nice if it were just all about 

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