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[IP] re: Tom Brokaw diabetes report

> Hey did any of you watch this Health Watch news report on the national new
> last night? I did.  They were talking about islet cell transplants but what
> was weird is that not once did they refer to the 'cells' as being islet cells
> at all, just cells.  Atleast they did state that the transplant isnot for
> everyone and that it is not a cure.  Atleast that was accurate.  But I really
> think if they could have included the word, ISLET when talking about this it
> would have been more informative.

I'm not sure if it's the same report you're talking about, but I did see
a news report the last night about the cell transplants.  I think they
said something like, "for millions of diabetics, it would mean no more
insulin shots".  While that's true, it got me thinking about the
perceptions of our disease.  It seems most non-diabetics think the worst
thing about having diabetes is that you "have to take shots".   No.....I
think the worst thing is that you have to worry about:  high blood
sugars and the long-term complications they can bring (good control can
reduce but not eliminate the risk);  hypoglycemia; the amount of
carbohydrate in every single thing you eat; how exercise or lack thereof
will affect your bg's, etc.  Taking a virtually painless shot pales in
comparision to all that (and of course, pumps eliminate daily shots

Also, most non-diabetics seem virtually unaware of bg testing, which IMO
is more unpleasant than an injection.

So many news reports (not just the one I saw) talk about the
possibilities of inhaled insulin, insulin patches, etc., as if they
would be so wonderful because they would mean "no more shots", without
mentioning whether and how they would provide the same degree of control
as we have with shots or pumps.  To me (and I think to most other
diabetics) that's what really counts.

Anyway, just some observations.  I certainly don't fault non-diabetics
for not knowing these things -- I knew almost nothing about diabetes
before my diagnosis, and I'm sure if you gave me a test about other
diseases I don't have experience with, I'd fail miserably.  But, it
would be nice if the news would paint a more realistic picture.

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