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Re: Re: [IP] new pumper

This has been an interesting discussian. I previously posted that I generally have a spare bottle of insulin and sets and cartridges at work. Well right now I have everything BUT the insulin - I had taken the bottle home to make sure it stayed in "rotation" and had not brought one back. 

I thought I had enough insulin left to get me through the day but since I have been running high all day (probably cuz of an air bubble or old site) I used up all I had. Technically I have another hour of work but with a BG of 286 and I was only able to give a partial correction before the pump went into occlusion I may have to waltz out a bit early cuz I don't feel good. Sure wish I had either changed it this morning and hadn't been quite so thrifty with the insulin or had brought a new bottle here.

So lessons to all from me.

Linda & Dax
P.S. Anybody got some earplugs - Dax gets awfully annoying when beeping away in stop.
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