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Re: [IP] new pumper

"Parker, B.E., Mrs" wrote:

Nope, maybe the rest of us don't want to 'fess up.

Well, I guess I will chime in.  I carry my meter everywhere.  I haven't always
done this but I do now because of having unexplained feelings.  I do not
suffer from "unawareness" but I sometimes feel like my sugar is low or high
whichever may be the case and check it to find only false alarms.  I prefer to
check.   YMMV.  Other than that, I try to keep candy with me.  I must have
good will power because I use it for emergencies only.  I carry the things to
change out my pump only on days that I am sure it will run out.  I don't keep
anything at work.  I keep a carb counter with me.  I usually have extra bg
strips.  Now, if I were going somewhere over night or even a few hours away, I
would take all precautions.  Usually, I don't feel to far away from anything
else I would need.  I am surprised to read how many actually keep syringes
with you.  I never do.

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